„Slander is the sum of all villainies and the slanderer is the king of all villains.“

J. B. Cranfill (1858-1942)

Dear reader,

We utterly denounce the false and libelous information (FAKE NEWS) that anonymous and criminal persons (including the Psiram blog, Troll) have been circulating about the character of Holger Thorsten Schubart since the German Federal Press Ball in November 2014.

It is noteworthy that these defamatory statements are never credited to an individual or organization, and serve no purpose other than to disparage the life, reputation, and entrepreneurial achievements of Holger Thorsten Schubart. In addition to this twisted or complete hoax, these criminal third parties are attempting to extort financial advantages from Mr. Schubart by offering to remove the false statements from the web.

According to the State Office of Criminal Investigation, this is a modern method of extortion, employed by criminal networks against doctors, mid-sized-business owners, and others who depend on a spotless public reputation. Negative, unjustified reviews or complete hoaxes against a doctor’s or restaurant’s performance often lead to a rapid decline in business revenue. Criminal accomplices then offer an internet clean-up service, demanding huge sums of money for their “help”. The victims of such crimes are usually approached immediately, since the damage done by online defamation increases daily.

Of course, there are also legal means of defending oneself against such practices. Unfortunately, however, the police and other law enforcement agencies are often powerless in these cases, since the perpetrators act secretly and anonymously, frequently operating indirectly via a foreign server.

Mr. Schubart has not bowed to these attempts at extortion and coercion.

We therefore offer the following advice to those readers who may be interested: If, in the course of your research on Holger Thorsten Schubart or his companies or projects, you find such a defamatory statement, we urge you to check its origin. Only when the source is clear can you draw your own conclusions about the reliability of the information provided. If the source turns out to be anonymous, you can be sure that the “facts” have little basis in reality. The alleged information is often a forgery, or has been manipulated to resemble official editorial or journalistic research.

Finally, we request that any readers with information or insights on the identities of these perpetrators come forward. We, along with law enforcement agencies, are very interested in relevant references, which may be submitted anonymously to us or any police station. A reward will be offered for any information leading to the breakup of a criminal network.

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Useful information or insights on the identities of the perpetrators may be submitted anonymously to us or any police station.

A reward will be offered for any information leading to the breakup of a criminal defamation network.

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